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Solar energy

Oversimplify, we say that solar energy is the energy that comes from the sun. The sun is the main source of life and energy on Earth. It has shone in the sky for about five billion years ago, and is estimated to have not yet reached even half of its existence. The amount of energy that the Sun pours daily on Earth is ten thousand times greater than that consumed daily around the planet.

But this, really, is to simplify much as you piggybanks other energy from the sun; for example wind power. Wind power uses the energy of the wind, but the wind moves as a result of the sun, the sun heats the air, it generates a temperature difference, hot air rises, cold air falls and we have generated a stream of air.

Let's look at a more technical way as is solar energy.

Definition of solar energy

Solar energy is the energy from the Sun.

Solar energy is the energy contained in the solar radiation is converted by corresponding devices, thermal or electrical form, for later use wherever needed. The component designed to capture solar radiation and transform it into useful energy is the solar panel.

Solar panels can be of different types depending on the chosen for the use of solar energy mechanism.

  • Using solar thermal collectors (solar thermal)
  • Using with photovoltaic (solar PV)
  • Without any external element (passive solar)

Mechanisms for harnessing solar energy

Panels of a solar photovoltaic

At present there are basically three ways to harness solar energy.

  • The solar passive
  • The solar PV
  • The solar thermal

Passive solar energy is the oldest method of harnessing solar radiation. This is the method already used by ancient cultures as explained in history of solar energy. This system consists of harnessing solar radiation without the use of any device or an intermediate device, by appropriate siting, design and orientation of buildings, using the properties of materials and architectural elements thereof correctly: insulation, type of roof , protections, etc. Applying criteria of bioclimatic architecture can significantly reduce the need for air condition buildings and enlighten.

The photovoltaic solar energy uses the properties of silicon to generate an electrical current, which treated correctly, can be used to provide electricity in stand-alone installations or can be used for supply (selling) directly to the mains.

Another form of very common and economical use is solar thermal energy. Its operation is based on the idea of heating water by solar collectors that can be used for hot sanitary or for heating a home water later.

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