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Geometric shapes, what is their importance?

Geometric shapes, what is their importance?

Geometric shapes are essential because they appear everywhere in our daily lives. In the real world, geometry is applied in numerous applications, and geometric shapes appear in diverse fields such as construction, industry, and domestic activities.

Our houses are built combining different geometric shapes to give their appearance. In addition, windows and air ducts provide adequate ventilation and solar lighting.

Architects can calculate the areas and volumes of the geometric shapes and bodies that make up the building structure using geometry. These data provide them with beneficial information to know the amount of material they need.

Geometric shapes and bodies in astronomy

In astronomy, solid shapes are used to know the location of different planets, stars, and the composition of the solar system.

Geometric shapes, what is their importance?For example, planets are spheres, a type of geometric solid. In turn, the planets move in an oval orbit, which is a type of flat shape.

Many important astronomy discoveries have been made possible by the principles of geometry. For example, the combination of geometry and physics allows calculations of speed, position, area, and volumes of celestial bodies.

Geometry in household activities

Geometric figures appear in many aspects of everyday life. Here are some examples:

  • In the kitchen, geometric shapes appear among kitchen utensils such as cups, plates, pans, etc. Chefs need to measure and weigh ingredients to adjust the quantities and volumes of ingredients to use.

  • Video games use geometry to give the sensation of depth and movement of the scenes where the game takes place.

  • Other recreational activities, such as scooter ramps, kite building, bicycles, etc. 

  • Machines and motors are made up of parts with various geometric shapes. The properties of these shapes are what determine their stiffness and physical behavior.

  • Musical instruments are geometric bodies with various shapes. The perfection, size, and volume of these bodies are vital to obtaining the desired sound of the instrument.

Geometric figures in early childhood education

In early childhood education, geometric figures are also used as an educational resource. At this stage, the use of geometric shapes through different didactic games helps to improve children's laterality, creativity, and imagination.

Geometric shapes, what is their importance?These elements are also used to develop visual-motor skills in children and to learn to distinguish differences and similarities between geometric shapes.

Early work with geometric figures represents a previous step to spatial reasoning and geometry study.

Publication Date: December 10, 2009
Last Revision: January 6, 2022