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Solar Energy and Home Automation Systems

Solar energy and home automation systems

Installing solar panels in a house can provide a great economic saving, but also produces a decrease in pollution. While it is true that self-consumption is not yet present, the installation of solar panels to reduce the electricity consumption of the Spanish Electricity Network itself.

Another way to save energy is to use home automation systems , which allow a much more efficient use of different sections of a home, including solar panels.

home Automation and Electricity Savings

It is clear that reducing spending on electricity is a concern for many people. While it is true that many do so in view of economic savings, the truth is that more and more people do so in order to reduce pollution. 

One way to increase energy efficiency in a home is to install home automation systems that allow controlling different aspects of a home remotely. You simply need a WiFi connection in the house .

However, the most beneficial of these intelligent systems is their ability to learn and adapt the functioning of the devices and systems internal and external factors of the home, by "own will". That is to say, they are systems that learn and act seeking to minimize consumption, without having to control them.

what Can We Control Through Home Automation?

Thanks to technological development we can control almost anything thanks to these systems. However, there are several that stand out above the rest, basically because they are the ones we spend the most.

            Lighting: These systems allow us to turn the light on or off remotely, create lighting profiles adapted to our liking, but also develop our own actions designed to adapt the lighting to external and internal aspects of the home, such as the time of day or the person in the room

            Appliances: Appliances consume almost 25% of our bill. While we cannot stop using them, smart appliances consume much less than conventional ones.

            Security: The alarm and surveillance cameras were the first aspects that could be tamed.

Air conditioning: It can amount to 40% of the electricity bill. Smart thermostats allow you to save almost 30% on the air conditioning of a home.

smart Solar Panels

Although home automation systems allow energy to be used more efficiently, the truth is that we continue to use electricity that does not usually have a renewable origin. Therefore, installing solar panels in our home can end pollution in a home.

Electric self-consumption through solar panels is based on the use of hybrid solar panels, capable of generating thermal and photovoltaic energy, optimizing space and generating forty percent more energy per square meter.

These types of panels are much more efficient than conventional ones and, like almost everything, they can also be converted into intelligent panels. This type of panels allows monitoring and regulating the thermal and / or electrical generation of the installation and adapting it to the demand and tastes of a specific user and time.

This type of solar panels increase the energy obtained increase by 11% if it is a hybrid system, and almost 70% if it is a traditional one.

The information on which they base their operation can come from different sources:

  • Installation: the panel itself provides information to the system (fluid temperature, battery status ...). In addition, this type of information is usually related to the detection of problems or breakdowns.
  • User: the system adapts the use of the panel to the person in the house, creating certain profiles depending on the person. On the other hand, the user himself can create systems to his liking.
  • Internet: the system can extract information from the network, such as the weather forecast or the variation in the price of electricity.

Published: March 9, 2020
Last review: March 6, 2020