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Definition Of Balance Of System (Bos)

The balance of system (also known by the acronym BOS) comprises all components of a photovoltaic system with the exception of photovoltaic panels. This includes wiring, switches, a mounting system, one or more solar inverters, batteries and battery charger.

Other optional components include revenue grade meter renewable energy credit, a follower of peak power (Maximum Power Point Tracking, MPPT) solar tracker GPS, power management software, solar concentrators, solar irradiance sensors , wind, or accessories specific tasks designed to meet the specialized needs for a system owner. Further, CPV systems require lenses or optical mirrors and sometimes a refrigeration system.

In addition, large photovoltaic power station on the ground require equipment and facilities, such as network connections, office facilities and concrete. Earth sometimes included as part of the BOS too.

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Last review: February 2, 2016