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Uses Of Solar Thermal Energy

Uses Of Solar Thermal Energy

Solar thermal energy uses solar radiation to increase the internal energy of an element. Said in one way: to heat an element. Normally a liquid is heated to be able to transport this energy more easily to the place where you want to take advantage of it.

In single-family homes it is very common to see solar collectors. The function of these collectors is to heat sanitary hot water for domestic use or for heating. They are generally support systems but allow considerable financial savings. The installation of these solar collectors is very popular in certain areas due to its low installation cost.

Photovoltaic solar energy, on the other hand, is conceived for the generation of electricity. Photovoltaic panels generate direct current, but can then be converted into AC electric power.

There is a technique to convert solar thermal energy into electrical energy. Thermoelectric plants generate electricity by this method. They concentrate all the solar radiation at a point to generate steam and with this steam operate a turbine.

The generation of electricity is an application of solar thermal energy, but there are many others.

Other applications of solar thermal energy

Currently, solar thermal energy is used for:

  • Generation of electricity.
  • Heat water from outdoor or indoor pools.
  • Underfloor heating or radiators.
  • Heating domestic water for showering, washing dishes, washing hands, etc. These systems are used regularly to heat the water for residential use in the summer period. During the winter period this system goes on to fulfill a task of supporting the main heat system
  • Operate refrigeration appliances. Solar thermal energy can also be used for the cooling of buildings (air conditioning) or industrial processes (cooling).
  • Driers of agricultural products.
  • Industrial use, for example, in solar ovens.
  • Cooling by means of solar energy
  • Desalination by solar energy
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