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Solar Accumulator

A solar accumulator is a device that allows to store the solar energy captured by the solar panels. The objective of the compilers is to take advantage of the energy obtained at the time when solar energy can not be produced (during the night, cloudy days, etc.)

For this we distinguish two types of solar compulators:

  • Thermal solar compulators.
  • Electric solar compulators.

Solar thermal compulators store heat. This type of acomulator is related to thermal energy installations. In these installations the solar collectors capture the energy of the solar radiation to heat a fluid. This heated fluid allows to transport the heat to a tank and store it there.

Electric compilers store electrical energy. This type of device is related to photovoltaic solar energy. Generally, these devices are formed by a battery arrangement in order to store electricity and use it at a time when photovoltaic solar panels can not produce electricity.

Accumulators for photovoltaic solar energy

In the photovoltaic solar energy sector, the electric storage battery is the element of the solar energy installation capable of storing electrical energy. This energy will later be transformed into chemical energy.

The electric accumulator for photovoltaic solar energy consists of several batteries connected together in series or in parallel.

The objective of the photovoltaic accumulators is to store the electrical energy generated by the photovoltaic solar panel. Once the system requires electricity, it will be provided by the accumulator.

Accumulators for solar thermal energy

A solar thermal accumulator is an energy store. These accumulators are like batteries but instead of storing chemical energy to obtain electricity, heat, thermal energy is stored. It is an isolated tank with a fluid that is heated through the solar collectors.

The objective is to accumulate heat to use it when necessary even if there is no solar radiation. For example, to use the heating at night.

The thermal accumulator consists of a metal tank made of synthetic material and insulated. In turn, the accumulator incorporates one or two heat exchangers or heat exchangers into its installation. These exchangers allow you to maximize your safety to avoid the risk of leakage and loss of thermal energy.

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