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Solar Energy and Self-consumption

Solar energy and self-consumption

In the current struggle at the domestic level in favor of the use of renewable energy, only one type of energy allows a home to generate all the electricity it consumes (self-consumption), and it is solar energy.

 Although, at the theoretical level, wind energy could also allow self-consumption, the truth is that domestic systems are still underdeveloped.

Photovoltaic Solar Energy

 This type of energy consists in the transformation of the sun's radiation into electricity, by means of photovoltaic cells . These types of cells are an electrical device capable of transforming the energy of solar radiation that affects it into electricity, by means of which it converts the incident energy of solar radiation into electricity through the photovoltaic effect.

This effect is a photoelectric effect that is characterized by the creation of a current of electricity between two pieces of different material that are connected and exposed to light or, in general, electromagnetic radiation.

What Is Photovoltaic Self-consumption?

 Photovoltaic self-consumption consists in the production of the total electricity required by a home through solar panels that transform solar radiation into electricity.

Although the installation of solar panels in a house in such a way that self-consumption can be achieved still has a high price, the truth is that there are several state aids and subsidies, aimed at promoting this type of facilities . In addition, the increase in demand for this type of facility has caused the price of the installation itself to have dropped considerably.

This type of installation is recommended to a greater extent for single-family homes that have a roof or garden without shadows. They can also be installed in a community of neighbors enabling shared self-consumption.

These types of installations, despite their high initial cost, are amortized quickly since, once installed, the electricity bill disappears. This will be so if we are totally independent of the Spanish Electricity Network. This fact is only possible if we have batteries that store energy for when there is no sun (at night). Otherwise, in those moments when they also have a useful life that can reach 25 years , so there is a lot of savings.

Advantages of Photovoltaic Self-consumption

  • Photovoltaic solar energy is clean and renewable : producing electricity through this system does not pollute or produce greenhouse gases. In addition, it also does not produce noise pollution.
  • Thanks to the reduction in the price of facilities and state subsidies, the truth is that the cost has been greatly reduced . If we add to this its long service life, it makes them a great investment.
  • The economic saving is instantaneous : as soon as you install the panels (and you can achieve self-consumption), you can say goodbye to the electricity bill. If you cannot achieve self-consumption, the savings will also be high, since you will only consume at night hours where, thanks to  time discrimination , the price is much lower.
  • Reduces dependence on other types of fossil fuels and energy

Myths and Legends

 The installation is expensive

 It is true that the initial investment is high, but it is also true that the price has dropped a lot and that its amortization begins six years after installation. If we add to this that its useful life is around 25 years, we have 19 years of total savings.

 Performance is good only if there is direct light

This type of panels will produce energy even if the weather is cold, cloudy or with heavy rains because they receive and produce energy from solar radiation, so that direct sunlight is not necessary for them to fulfill their function, nor a cloudy sky prevents it.

It is a very new technology

For the domestic level it is true that they have not been used for many years, but solar technology has been used for over a hundred years.

No one uses this type of facility

In Germany, for example, it satisfies 25% of its electricity demand. In our country, more and more people are installing solar panels in their homes and, in new buildings, it is mandatory to have a solar panel installation to produce the Sanitary Hot Water of the neighbors.

The installation is complicated

There are solar kits that you can install by yourself and that are very simple. In addition, the large number of installation companies means that you can rely on a correct installation on your part.

It requires great maintenance

It does not require more maintenance than any other type of electrical appliance may have. In addition, the fact that they do not have moving parts means that they do not require complicated spare parts.


Published: February 21, 2020
Last review: February 21, 2020