Wind power

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Energy

Advantages and disadvantages of wind energy

Wind energy is a source of energy that is becoming very popular in many countries of the world. The advantages associated with the use of wind energy ( renewable energy, clean, respectful with the environment, etc.) are helping a lot to its growth and implementation in many countries.

However, the disadvantages of wind power are also notable and must be considered before investing in a wind power plant. Sometimes the contrast between advantages and disadvantages of solar energy or other sources of energy can vary from one place to another.

In this article we analyze the advantages and disadvantages of wind energy.

Advantages of Wind Power

Renewable energy. Wind energy is an inexhaustible energy, that is, the use of wind does not mean that it ends. For this reason it is considered a renewable energy source.

Respectful with the environment: this source of energy is considered as a clean energy that does not emit polluting particles as happens with fossil energy sources. The use of this renewable energy does not contribute to the greenhouse effect or global warming of the planet. Due to the absence of any type of contaminating waste, it does not alter the composition of the aquifers in the area.

Low risk of accidents: wind energy is a type of safe energy for people. Especially if we compare it with nuclear energy, in which in case of accident the consequences for the population are very serious.

Energy autonomy: practically everywhere in the world there is wind, so in all these places electricity can be obtained from the force of the wind. This is an advantage in the autonomy of each region because the need to import energy from other countries is reduced. This advantage can also be observed in the use of solar energy.

Easy installation and uninstallation. Compared to other energy technologies, a great advantage of nuclear energy is that the installation and removal of equipment is relatively simple compared to the construction and dismantling of a nuclear power plant, or a hydroelectric power plant, for example.

Economic One advantage of wind power is its low cost per kilowatt compared to other sources of renewable energy. In the economic sense, in many cases it can compete with coal and even with nuclear energy.

Compatibility with other activities. Because the installation of wind turbines uses a small area of ​​soil at its base, the installation of a wind farm is compatible with other activities such as agriculture and livestock.

In the case of wind turbines installed offshore, the visual impact of installing a large number of wind turbines in a wind farm is minimized.

Disadvantages of Wind Energy

In spite of the great advantages mentioned above, it is convenient to take into account certain disadvantages associated with wind energy.

Intermittence. The main drawback of wind energy is that you can not make an exhaustive forecast about the amount of energy that can be obtained because it depends on the intensity of time. Yes, you can make statistical forecasts but the use of this renewable source implies the support of another source of energy.

Difficulty of storage. The difficulty of storage is a disadvantage of wind energy especially in large wind farms. In these cases, the energy generated must be consumed immediately, unlike what happens in solar thermal energy, that the energy obtained is stored in an accumulator in the form of heat.

Limitation in wind intensity. Wind turbines can only work with wind speeds between 10 and 40 km / h. If the wind speed is less than 10km / h the operation of the wind turbine is not profitable. On the other hand, at speeds above 40 km / h the windmill must stop for safety reasons. put

Cost of energy transport infrastructure. Usually the location of the wind farms are chosen with meteorological criteria. This implies that it is often necessary to build important electricity transport infrastructures. These large facilities, in addition to the economic cost, imply a loss of energy.

A disadvantage of wind power is that you have to install a large number of wind turbines to make a wind farm profitable. This is due to the low kilowatt ratio obtained by the sweeping surface of the blades of the windmill.

Visual impact. The construction of wind farms has an aesthetic impact on the landscape. The need to look for locations with wind implies that the windmills are installed in open and elevated areas and, therefore, have the disadvantage of being very visible.

Acoustic impact The wind turbines in operation are noisy. The mechanical movement and the blades crashing against the wind emit sound.

Environmental impact. One of the drawbacks of wind energy is criticized by environmental and environmental groups is that many birds collide with rotating blades in mid-flight. Although the angular speed of the mills is not very high, because the blades are very long, the speed at certain points of the blades is very high, which implies the death of these birds.


Published: April 10, 2019
Last review: April 9, 2019