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Advantages and disadvantages of solar energy

Advantages and disadvantages of solar energy

When we talk about energy sources most people is shown positioned for or against a certain type (solar energy, nuclear energy, wind energy etc. ..) with arguments of all kinds (energy efficiency, pollution, safety, cost...).

Therefore, we try to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy as objectively as possible to serve you to create your own o

Advantages of solar energy

Advantages of solar energy

Inexhaustible energy source

The most important advantage of solar energy is that it is a renewable energy, which is considered inexhaustible. This type of energy from the sun so mientra not be exhausted while the sun is not depleted.

The energy emitted by the sun is not inexhaustible, but it is known considers that it is a life 5,000 million years. For that reason it is considered the inexhaustible solar energy.

Pollution and environment

Des viewpoint of pollution distinguish two moments:

  • During manufacture of the equipment. In this process contamination is not nonexistent but is reduced and controllable.
  • During the production of solar energy. Operating thermal and photovoltaic solar installations do not generate any environmental pollution.

Maintenance and cost of facilities

Solar installations do not require much maintenance, maintenance costs are minimal.

Solar panels are stronger every day and the cost is decreasing over time. This allows the solar energy is an increasingly economically viable solution.

Within the different types of solar installations we include the solar thermal energy so when it comes to its low investment cost. Such facilities are generally used to heat water and use as hot water or heating.

The use of solar radiation is free.

Energy Accessibility

Solar energy in remote sites Solar energy is an excellent resource for places difficult to access or far from power grids installed. For example, refuges, mountain homes, etc.

For small-scale installation does not require large investments in transmission lines.

In tropical countries, the performance of solar energy is even greater because of the amount of solar radiation received annually in almost all the territory.

Public Opinion

It has high public acceptance. It is considered a good alternative to other types of energy such as nuclear power for your safety or the energy that comes from fossil fuels (power plants) by low pollution and less environmental impact.

Disadvantages of solar energy Drawbacks of solar energy

energy efficiency

A solar panel consumes a lot of energy to be manufactured. The energy for the manufacture of a solar panel may be greater than the power generated by him throughout life.

Economic cost compared to other energy sources

The prices are very high compared to other energy sources. Especially when it refers to the photovoltaic solar energy.

climatological Unit

There is variation in the amounts produced according to the weather situation (rain, snow) that hinder energy forecasting.

An alternative energy source or use of batteries for the days that the weather conditions are not good or at night is required.

Hours Solar

One of the moments of greatest energy demand is precisely when there is no solar radiation: at night. For this reason it requires some energy storage system.

It is the case that the locations in middle and high latitudes (eg, Finland, Iceland, New Zealand and southern Argentina and Chile) suffer sudden drops in production during the winter months due to lower daily energy availability solar. Sites with frequent cloud cover (Curitiba, London) tend to daily variations in production according to the degree of cloudiness.

The ways of storing solar energy are inefficient compared, for example, fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas), hydro (water) and biomass.

Energy storage

For all the above it is obvious that requires a storage system efficient. Today there are batteries and other items to store electrical energy but there is no system to store large amounts of energy that is really efficient.

Batteries are needed in the case of the electric power generated by photovoltaic panels, while the thermal energy generated by solar collectors installation thermally well insulated to keep hot water containing tanks is needed.

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