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Solar panel definition

Solar panel definition

A solar panel is a device to take advantage of solar energy. It can also be called a solar module.

The name of solar panel can be used for both solar photovoltaic and solar thermal energy. In this way, a solar panel comprises the solar collectors and the photovoltaic panels.

Solar Collectors

Solar collectors are used in solar thermal power plants, it takes advantage of the sun's heat mainly to heat domestic hot water or basically heating. What is called sanitary hot water.

This type of solar panel works by circulating a fluid inside it that captures the heat energy coming from the sun. This fluid will later heat the water from another circuit that is with which we will shower or use for the heating circuit.

Photovoltaic panels

In the case of photovoltaic panels are used for photovoltaic installations in which the radiation of the Sun is used to generate electric energy through the photovoltaic effect.

These are solar panels generally composed of silicon that take advantage of the energy of the photons present in the light to make a silicon electron jump. By the sum of several of these electrons an electric current is generated.

Photovoltaic panels generate electricity as a direct current. If the installation requires it, they can be accompanied by current converters to obtain alternating current.

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