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New Regulations on Energy Self-consumption in Spain

New regulations on energy self-consumption in Spain

After the repeal of the "Sun Tax", a new regulation has been promoted for producers and self-consumers of photovoltaic solar energy. In this article, we will review the keys to this new legislation and we will reveal what is the ideal light rate for self-consumers of photovoltaic solar energy

Self-consumer Fee

Many people mistakenly think that once solar panels are installed, you never need to be connected to the grid again. Nothing is further from reality, since to make this possible it is necessary to have batteries that accumulate the energy generated during the day to be able to use it at night, since it is the moment in which photovoltaic panels do not generate energy by not capturing light. solar. Due to the high costs of these batteries, for the moment, most self-consumers are connected to the electricity grid and must contract electricity and / or gas rates.

One of the most convenient rates for most consumers is the PVPC (Voluntary Price for Small Consumers) rate in the regulated market, in which the State, through the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce, sets the price of electricity based on to the result of the auction of the wholesale electricity market. This rate usually improves the prices of any offer on the free market. In addition, its modality with time discrimination is ideal for self-consumers, since this rate establishes a price per kWh lower at night, in exchange for raising it during the day. Self-consumers can use the energy produced by their solar panels during the day, and at night use the electricity grid at the lowest price. 

The only drawback is that this rate can only be offered by eight reference marketers (COR) appointed by the State.  Nowadays it is very easy to contract these rates with a simple call or through the internet. However, for those who prefer a more personalized treatment, the reference marketers of Iberdrola or Endesa in Murcia have commercial offices from where they provide customer service. 

5 Keys to the New Self-consumption Regulations

Below we explain the 5 keys to the new regulations that regulate self-consumption:

  • End of the sun tax: there will be no more fees for using solar energy.
  • Discounts on bills: self-consumers who dump the excess energy produced in the electricity grid, will have an equivalent discount for their consumption on their next electricity bill. 
  • Possibility of sharing: the neighborhood communities, consumer associations or joint ventures in an industrial estate, will be able to share the benefits of a common photovoltaic plant and distribute them as they prefer.
  • Third-party exploitation: companies may exploit third-party photovoltaic plate plants, and share the benefits produced by solar energy.
  • Elimination of limits: until now only the contracted electrical power could be installed. From now on, for example, any electrical power can be installed on the roof without any limit. 

Do you have a photovoltaic solar panel and want to know the new regulations in detail? We invite you to read directly the article of the BOE (Official State Gazette) to have everything absolutely clear.


Published: July 16, 2019
Last review: July 16, 2019